Download iTools 4
Download the best iOS File Transfer Tool for MAC and Windows

Installing iTools 4 is really easy. iTools 4 is compatible with MAC OS and Windows OS. You can download latest version of iTools from here.

ITools 4 download would be similar to getting a better alternative of iTunes. It can be used to access the complete file system of the iPod, iPad or iPhone. After accessing the file system, a person will be able to properly organize media library and manage the applications. In addition, it is possible for the users to take regular backups as well.

These are some of the most notable features that can be found in iTools 4. Apart from these features, it would be possible to use iTools 4 free download and synchronize phone data. Moreover, it can be used to get useful insights about battery life. All these features provided to the users along with iTools can help them get rid of their monotonous lives.

Download iTools 2020.